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iL Final Tour Qualifier #2 written by KarTeL, 2011-07-11 14:11 CEST (13 comments)

Hello, yesterday WebMex.Ack1y and EGiS.eMaL going in final and so they are qualified for the last tournament.
For the next tournaments, if a qualified player join the final, hi win a second place in the bracket, then he will receive a freewin for the first round.

Now we can begin the second week.

iLFTQ2 Important Informations
- The Sign-Ups is OPEN
- Sign-Up Deadline is the 17th July at 14:00 CET
- Chech-In phase begin the 17th July at 14:00 CET
- Check-In End the 17th July at 15:00 CET
- Tournament begin the 17th July at 15:00 CET
- GGC Room: Other Leagues & Tournaments

The Rules
1. Registration
1.1. Before to Sign-Up in tournament you need to register on the website.

2. Sign-Up
2.1. You can sign-up only until the headline time
2.2. For sign-up in the tournament click on "Sign-Up" in the UP of the webpage

3. Check-In
3.1. You can check-in only after the end of sign-up phase
3.2. You can check-in only until the end of the check-in phase
3.3. If you don't check, you can't play the tournament

4. Hosting
4.1. A neutral host is not required, only if 1 of 2 player want neutral host.
4.2. You need to found fast a host for your match, if not the admin will give "host by default"
4.3. You need to host the specified maps given in the mappool, only blizzard map.

5. Game
5.1. If a player disconnect before the first 5 minutes you need to replay the game, if he disconnect after 5 minutes, admin need to check the replay and take the decision if you need to replay the game or not.
5.2. All players need to report the wins to admin for progress in the bracket.
5.3. If a player checked-in in and he isn't present, he have 20 minutes for join the room or he will lose by forfeit.
5.4. Players must play the race they have selected in the lobby screen, switching your race as the timer is counting down will result in a FF for that match, unless the other player agrees to continue.
5.5. All games needed to play on GGC.

6. Replays
6.1. All replays must be saved in the event that a possible cheater is suspected to prove your claim.

7. MapPool
- Echo Isles
- Terenas Stand
- Secret Valley
- Twisted Meadows
- Turtle Rock
- Ancient Isles 2
- Melting Valley

7.1. Before each match, players will veto the maps until their is 1 map left in the map pool. The last map left in the map pool will be the map the match is played on.
7.2. The winner of each map can veto one map (bo3)
7.3. The winner of the first map veto one map and after the loser veto one map too (bo5)

8. Best Of ...
8.1. Each round is played in BO3, only the final is played in BO5.
#1 written by WebMex.Ack1Y, 8 years ago
final was finish
WebMex.Ack1Y 2:3 Emal
#2 written by aLe, 8 years ago
how does it looK?
#3 written by Anonymous (Kelis), 7 years, 8 months ago
What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for ptosing!
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#13 written by Anonymous (Midge), 3 years ago
Kewl you should come up with that. Excetlenl!
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